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FI localization Brazil

Aufgaben / Tätigkeit
  • Global S/4 HANA rollout. Customer needs advise on Brazil FI localization, setup
  • We just came across another urgent requirement for Brazil to implement the BR Localization in S4/HANA.
  • Can you please advice on the following questions:
  • Would you recommend implementing in our project dev. environment DE2 creating a new client? ( What about the impacts on the
  • on-going development cross clients?)
  • Will be possible to integrate in one single client the localization configuration of Brazil or it’s required a separated prod.
  • Client?
  • What could be the estimated time for preparing the environment needed, implementing all the oss notes mentioned in the
  • Configuration guide & test + regression test the full BR localization?
  • further information:
  • As Brazil is very specific we came across that we would like to request a specific client or system to trail the customizing and development needs to be done for Brazil. The reason is that some objects such as item categories are used in Brazil and outside of Brazil. If those are use in Brazil country specific setup will open up where is those are used outside this setup should not be around.
  • What are we looking for is:
  • A system/ client that is open for customizing similar to a Sandbox system.
  • subsidiary customizing should be present and updated according to the subsidiary release schedule
  • No transport should be created there and moved to other systems/ clients
  • With this we hope to gain a faster realization of FD documents and the realization of a regression test.
Start 06.03.2023
Ende 17.03.2023
Standort Remote
Auslastung 16 hours / approx. 2 days
Sprachen English
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