We are looking for someone for an S/4 end user training (CPM, French) for our client.

S/4-Enduser-Training (CPM, French)

  • The customer needs S/4 end user training on their own system (because of the very different processes from the standard). Their own people are too much involved in the project to be able to do this by themself. In short term, they would need someone to do it in French in Lausanne. To be able to determine and estimate the exact scope, it would be good if someone could support the customer in a scoping call. The content to be covered is CPM/C4C/CPQ, most important is CPM since they are not using much out of the box here (they are using C4C/CPQ mostly out of the box/standard, so not much deviation from standard content. There might be small parts to cover from those two). The workshops should be done with customer specific content on customer systems. The customer is preparing the content with Synthesia and will provide everything for the trainer’s preparation. 2-day trainings in Lausanne and Geneva each; ideally end of February/March. Preparation time will be provided.
Start 22.01.2024
End 31.03.2024
Location Lausanne/Geneva, Switzerland
Hourly Budget 48 hours / 6 days
  • French mandatory

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