We are looking for a Consultant (NVIDIA RIVA + TAO, Whisper) for our client on a project basis

Consultant (NVIDIA RIVA + TAO, Whisper)

  • Speech2Text experience necessary
  • Whisper
  • Any comparable technology…

Help to further optimize the already started (at the beginning) transcription engine, which is build on NVIDIA GPU’s, to have the worlds first and best transcription engine in air traffic management. For this we need to cover different aspects like real-time transcription of Audio, as well as post-processed transcription of huge amount of audio. The audio itself can be very noise and having a bad quality, as well as special terminologies needs to be incorporated (e.g. special alphabets, Call-Sign abbreviations, etc…).

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Jigme de Silva looks forward to hearing from you by e-mail or on +41 43 497 74 35.