We are specialized in

  • Recruitment of qualified SAP consultants in all areas such as basic, programming, applications, maintenance, outsourcing etc.; project-based or fixed (contract or personnel)
  • Recruitment of qualified IT consultants in all areas such as Siebel, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Java, etc.; project-based or permanent (contract or personnel)
  • Approval procedure for foreign advisors including the topic of deduction at source

We are faithful to our motto «live and let live» and according to our «WIN WIN WIN strategy»

  • WIN for the freelancer/partner
  • WIN for the customer
  • WIN for aldoluck AG

This means for you

  • You have a contact person, namely aldoluck AG
  • Security that there is someone who can help with problems (large network)
  • Risk is covered by aldoluck AG
  • Joint appearance in the market
  • Administrative expenses are covered by aldoluck AG
  • Cohesion under the umbrella (family); without further obligations
  • In case of failure, quick replacement is guaranteed
  • Fair price-performance offer
  • Small margins, never above 20%