Personal data protection of the aldoluck AG

Data protection is important – please take notice of the following data privacy statement.

We of the aldoluck AG obligate ourselves to protect your personal data. Your personal data is information that identifies yourself as an individual and that we receive from you and others in different ways. According to the federal law of data protection («DSG») and the General Data Protection Regulation («DSGVO») we have specific obligations on how to handle this kind of data. The goal of this data privacy statement is to inform you which personal information we collect about you when you apply for a job, use our website or contact us, but also how we save and use these information and how you can access and administer them.

Your personal information may be saved online, thus we take relevant provisions to make sure that our systems are well protected.


The head office of the above-mentioned corporation is located at the Sonnenbergstrasse 74, CH-8603 Schwerzenbach. The identification number of our corporation (VAT) reads CHE-110.053.027.


Please notice that this privacy policy applies only to the website Other websites that belong to us or are accessible by link do not fall in this policy. If you access these websites, please check the valid privacy policy (if existing), before stating personal information there.


Which personal information do we collect?

 We process the following of your concerning personal data:

  • Contact information
  • Identifying information
  • Information concerning the current and previous employment relationships
  • Education and qualifications


Why (purpose of the processing) and on which legal basis do we process your data?

We process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Realization of contractual obligations
  • On account of your agreement

Comment: From your given processing agreement of personal data for specific purposes can be retracted at any point in time.

  • Within the scope of balancing of interests

Comment: We process your data beyond the actual realization of the contract because of the protection of justifiable interests of ours like for example publicity, if you haven`t contradicted the usage of your data. Furthermore, we gather personal data from publicly accessible sources

  • On account of statutory provisions


How do we use your personal information?

 In connection to a contract between you and us or an employer…

We can use and process your personal data, if this is necessary in connection to or in anticipation of a contract between you and us or an employer:

  • To work on your application or to otherwise manage the recruitment process,
  • To make the examination and confirmation of the in the scope of the application given reference of a potential employer easier,
  • To ask the supervisory, industry and security authorities for the job that you have applied to relevant information


In connection to our justifiable business interest…

We can use and process your personal data, if this is necessary to pursue our justifiable business interest for the following purposes:

  • To identify you, so that we know, who we are dealing with,
  • For the prevention and exposure of fraud or loss,
  • For the occasional making of contact with you per phone, mail or post concerning the offers that might be of interest to you,
  • For risk assessment, market research, static analysis, system tests, improvement of our recruitment process and your application (including quality assurance) as well as analysis of your application and recruitment history,
  • For staff training and supervision of our services. This means, that we might record our conversation or correspondence with you to make sure that we offer you a good service and comply with our legal and official duties.


With your consent…

We can use your personal information however you have entitled us to do so:

  • To occasionally inform you per mail or per other electronic communication channels about offers that may be interesting for you,
  • To inform you about free jobs.


If it isn`t indicated otherwise we will use the data, which are processed within the scope of contractual and justifiable interests for an indefinite period.


How can you find out which personal data we have saved about you?

 You are entitled to see the saved personal data about you at any point in time. (If you request seeing your data in writing, per mail or per phone this is considered a so called “Subject Access Request”, or shortened SAR, so it`s a request on exchange of personal information.) In this regard you have the following possibilities:

If you don`t want a copy of your personal data, you can still contact us to prove the accuracy of the from us saved personal data or to inform us of changes of your personal data. We always try to make sure that the from us saved personal data is correct, current and relevant, and because you are applying to us for a job, it is important that we have the correct information to contact you. We gladly make changes and corrections.


Concerning your data, you have the following rights:

  • To object to the processing in the scope of justifiable business interests,
  • To withdraw the agreement (only regarding a processing that depends from your agreement),
  • To demand an update or correction of your data (if it is incorrect),
  • To dispute our decision and demand a human intervention, if we have made an automated decision making in the scope of the recruitment,
  • To demand from the client to stop the processing of data for any reason or to make use of the right of being forgotten,
  • Submit a complaint to the responsible data protection authority.


How long is your data stored?

Your data is deleted per request per mail or post, as soon as it has fulfilled the purpose for which they were taken (e.g. in the scope of a contractual relationship) aren`t required anymore. If there are legal and effective barriers in the way of the solution (like for example legal retention obligation), there will be a blocking instead of the solution.


What are cookies and when are they used?

 Cookies are data files, which are saved on your computer`s temporary internet data files. They record the way you use our website and thus help us to know you better. For example, we can recognize, when you return to our website and find out your preferences to offer you a personal service and fasten your search process on our website.


You don`t have to accept cookies. In most browsers you can reject cookies by activating the corresponding settings (you can find more information in the help of your browser). However, in this case it is possible that you don`t have access to parts of our website.


More information about cookies

Cookies are text files with a small amount of data, which is downloaded on your device at every visit on our website. The cookies are sent back to the original website or another website that recognizes these cookies at every following visit. Cookies have different functions, they for example make efficient navigating between sites easier by saving your preferences and they generally improve the user experience on the website. Furthermore, they can help to make the online advertising that`s shown to you relevant and matching your interests.


There are four main categories of cookies:

Category 1: Necessary cookies

Category 2: Performance cookies

Category 3: Functional cookies

Category 4: Target group and advertising cookies


Category 1: Necessary cookies

These cookies are essential to moving on our website and using it`s functions, for example access on saved parts of the website. Without these cookies the from you requested services like for example the registration for job notifications can`t be delivered.


Category 2: Performance cookies

These users collect information about how the visitors use a website, for example which sites users visits most often and whether they receive error messages. That kind of cookies collect no information that identifies a user. These cookies collect all information in aggregated and thus anonymized form. They are only used to improve the functionality of a website.


Category 3: Functional cookies

These cookies make it possible for the website to save your information and deliver extended personalized functions. Furthermore, these cookies can be used to save the change in text size, typeface and other for you adaptable parts of the website. It can also be used to offer the from you required services like for example watching a video or commenting a blog. The information collected by the cookies may be anonymous and can`t follow your browsing activities on other websites.


Category 5: Target group and advertising cookies

These cookies are used to offer advertising matching to your interests. Furthermore, they are used to limit the frequency of overlay and to measure the effectivity of advertising campaigns. They save the information how often you visit a website and give it to other organizations like for example advertisers. Often target group and advertising cookies are linked with website functions that are provided by different organizations.


You can find more information about cookies on the websites and


How are tracking tools used?

To the purpose of needs-based design and continuous improvement of our websites, apps and e-mails we use the advertising analysis services of Matomo Analytics.

In connection to our websites, pseudonymised user profiles are created and small text files are saved on your computer (see above “What are cookies and when are they used?”). The by cookies created information about your usage of this website are transferred to the servers of the provider of these services, where they are saved and processed for us. Additional to the above-named files (see “Which information is processed for the usage of our website?”) we receive like this the following information:

  • the navigation path that a user treads on the website
  • length of stay on the website or the under site
  • under site through which the website is left
  • country, region or city where the access takes place
  • terminal device (type, version, colour depth, resolution, width and height of the browser window)
  • returning and new users

The information is used to evaluate the usage of the websites.

In the following you learn more about our most important tracking tools.


Matomo Analytics

Provider of Matomo Analytics is INNOCRAFT whose headquarters is located in New Zealand. The in the scope of Matomo Analytics` on your browser transferred anonymized IP address brought together with other data from Matomo Analytics Google.

You can find more information about the used advertising analysis services on the website of Matomo Analytics. An instruction on how you can prevent the processing of your data through advertising analysis services.


What happens when we update our privacy policy?

 We examine our privacy policy regularly. Please inform yourself each time you use this website.

If you have questions or if you have the opinion that we don`t  comply with the rules of this privacy policy, please contact us per e-mail at the following address with the subject line “data-protection complaint”



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